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Economic Dignity

Over our 45-year history, Faith in Action federations have engaged in successful federal, state and local ballot and legislative campaigns to address the many manifestations of what Pope Francis calls the “economy of exclusion”. These include campaigns to:

  • Raise the state or local minimum wage
  • Create a family-friendly workplace including Earned Sick and Safe Time, Paid Family and Medical Leave, and expanded childcare and pre-kindergarten
  • Fight evictions, foreclosures and increase affordable housing
  • Raise and protect the federal and state revenue we need to invest in healthy families (health care, education, housing, job training, income supports, family leave, etc.)
  • Ensure good jobs and fair hiring of excluded workers, especially the 70 million American adults who have a criminal record
  • Stop the worst abuses of payday and other predatory lending

While we continue to advance state and local campaigns across many issue fronts, Faith in Action’s deeper goal is to build bases of organized people across the nation who hold a moral critique of the values underlying the dominant economic ideology (i.e. hyper-individualism, commodification, racial hierarchy, competition, scarcity) and who are working together to create a moral economy based on new set of values, beliefs and identities.

Building a People-Powered Movement

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